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BADTEX here, I just wanted to let every one know I am turning in my resignation.
I joined ASP to have clan mates to game with and have fun on BF4 and everyone quit playing!???
So I, and others, joined OGV for the same reasons. And no one is playing!???
I'm not mad at anyone and I'll still be around, I just wanted to let someone know.

Resignation accepted as written. Sorry to see you guys leave but remember we came in to BF4 2 years late and were already burned out on Battlefield in general. We have never been a clan that played one only game. That is what makes us an organization of gamers and friends rather than a "clan". Just like the milirary from which most of us came, OgV is not for everyone. We are now ramping up for SW Battlefront. Hope to see you in space. You will always be welcome here.

Best of Luck

[OgV-V] Col. Spanky
Commanding Officer
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